Why are Memory Foam Mattresses Beneficial?

Memory foam is made from a substance called “viscoelastic”. It was originally developed under a contract by NASA in order to improve the safety of cushions in aircraft. The foam begins as polyurethane foam that is then mixed with water, causing the foam to rise thanks to its open-cell structure. This structure allows the foam to spring back slowly as pressure is released.

Memory foam is used in mattresses because it is sensitive to your body’s pressure and temperature. The heat from your body softens the memory foam, causing it to conform to the shape of your body and adjust to your specific pressure points. This helps relieve pain and promotes a more restful sleep by providing your body with the individualized support it needs. Additionally, memory foam reduces motion transfer so your partner can toss and turn throughout the night without waking you. Memory foam evenly distributes your weight and conforms to your body in a way that innerspring mattresses cannot.

In addition to the increased restful sleep benefits of memory foam mattresses, they are also cleaner than traditional mattresses because the material of the foam is resistant to microorganisms. For people with dust mite allergies, a memory foam bed can help keep allergies under control for a better night’s sleep. The restorative abilities of NordicRest mattresses help with circulation and prevent sore necks and backs.

All of these benefits are best experienced in person, so stop by your nearest American Freight retailer to try out one of our mattresses.